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Teeth Whitening

Let Your Smile Sparkle Again

So many of life’s pleasures come at a cost. Red wine, coffee, tea, and tobacco are all known to heavily stain teeth and take the sparkle from your shine. But before you cut your morning latte out altogether, talk to us about our teeth whitening services.

At Define Clinic, we have an experienced cosmetic dentistry team that will help eradicate even the deepest stains and restore your natural radiance.

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure that aims to lighten the colour of your teeth and remove stains or discoloration

Teeth whitening by Define Clinic Beaconsfield and London - award winning dentists. Whiten your teeth with Define
Teeth whitening by Define Clinic Dentistry London & Beaconsfield

The Acclaimed Enlighten System

We use the popular Enlighten system of teeth whitening. We believe that this provides unparalleled whitening results with low risk. With the ability to lighten your teeth by up to 16 shades, Enlighten will bring your entire smile to B1 brightness in just 2-4 weeks.

The professional-grade teeth whitening treatment is administered by our dentists and hygienists. This contains a bleaching agent that works deep into your enamel, addressing any discolouration beneath the surface.

Your treatment may use a combination of in-clinic whitening and custom-made at-home trays that are perfectly designed to fit your teeth. When you book in for a consultation, we’ll talk you through the various options we have available and advise you on which solution will provide you with the results you’re looking for.

Teeth whitening before and after by Define clinic Beaconsfield and London

Anti-Sensitivity Teeth Whitening ?

One of the key benefits of Enlighten that sets it apart from its competitors is that it has a desensitising solution. This means that you’ll be less likely to feel any negative effects of sensitive teeth following the use of the whitening solutions.

Teeth whitening by Define Clinic Dentistry London & Beaconsfield

Achieving the Best Results

Here at Define Clinic, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results with our teeth whitening treatments.

Whether you choose our at-home teeth whitening for light staining or the more effective in-clinic solution for deeper stains, we’ll ensure you’re set up for success and understand exactly how the system works.

The non-invasive process will start with us taking impressions of your teeth. These will be used to create custom-made bleaching trays to deliver the at-home whitening solution.

Once you’ve collected your trays from us, you can start using Enlighten from the comfort of your own home over the next two weeks.

If we’re carrying out in-clinic whitening, we’ll invite you back in for an appointment after you’ve used the trays for a fortnight to improve upon the already noticeable results.

Teeth whitening by Define Clinic Dentistry London & Beaconsfield

What Are the Benefits of Enlighten Teeth Whitening?

Some of the benefits of choosing the Enlighten system include:

  • A boost in your self-confidence
  • A more youthful appearance
  • The ability to create a winning first impression
  • Undo years of staining

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We’d like to bring a glimmer to your teeth again and help boost your confidence. If you’d like to learn more about the safe and effective teeth whitening services we offer, arrange a consultation today.

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